Designer & WordPress Developer

5+ years of extensive client & agency experience with WordPress & Adobe Creative Suite

LEMP/LAMP Stack Development

Hire me to build on Apache and/or Nginx with a layered, revision-controlled workflow for best practice code management.

Robustly-built WordPress Sites

Put HTML5 to work on your frontend for a rich media-driven experience across device and browser

Dress your Stylesheet Right

Combining CSS3 and SCSS, deliver a modern aesthetic to please the eye of your audience and enrich their experience.

Create value in mobile experience

Stay alive in the hand of your user with module-based markup built into a fully responsive WordPress theme

Secure your site & outperform competition

5+ years optimizing DNS with Cloudflare and site hosting with Media Temple--all the horsepower without losing flexibility or security
Michael has a very rare and powerful set of qualifications that he brings to the table for almost any work situation. He has compassion and deals with people as human beings, not numbers. He has a mind which is up for any challenge and consistently amazed me on his ability to adapt to almost any situation, no matter how challenging or difficult.
-D.L. Janney, Author of Nineteen